Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Softball on my mind........

It is the season after all, well spring season that is. I can't wait for summer ball. Maybe then my daughter will face a challenging team. We played yesterday in Libby, and again we won 17-0.

Don't get me wrong, I'll take a win anyday, but I like the ones that come after a close game.

Anyway, let's hope we have a great game with Flathead next week.

This picture is from Summer Nationals in Newberg, Oregon. This hit ended up a triple that put my daughter on third, and then the next pitch was a over throw, my daughter stoled home and won the game for us, moving us into final games.

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Jovita said...

It's great to see all these pics of your daughter playing softball. My daughter (11) just started and she’s enjoying it especially since last year she played baseball on a boy’s team. Congrats on the win!