Monday, May 14, 2007

Please join me.........

Want to send your thanks to our troops? Won't you join me in making "Thank You" cards for our troops, and everything they do for our daily freedom? Here is website that has all the details.... A Million Thanks .

Lets all make some card that show the troops our support. Please join me......

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wowza!! What a Softball Game.......

Yesterday we played Flathead H.S. again, only this time we played their better teams. It was a very nice warm day for a double header. Unfortunately we lost the first game, 2 - 1. My daughter had rough at bat, going 0 for 3. She was just hitting to position players. Then her 2nd game, she a had a double and an RBI. We won the 2nd game 2 - 1. After the game, my husband was talking to the coach for Flathead, and he had heard about her 2 home runs the day before, and they decided instead of throwing around her, (intentional walk) they were going to pitch her inside. She ended up short arming all of her swings, except the one she hit hard to center.
We discussed the game last night, and she should have batted left instead of right. Hinsight being....blah, blah, blah! She does hit with power both ways, bunts both ways, and also slaps.
We have another huge tourney this weekend in Butte! Oh, how sweet it is!! Her averages for the year are still the best on her team, Batting % is .539, and On Base % is .714. We still have about 7 games before state softball..........Go Lady Pirates!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

2 more HOME RUNS!!!

Yep, she did it again! 2 more dingers today. My DD is hitting so well right now, and better yet all the HR's are not getting into her head! We had a double-header against Flathead HS, and tomorrow we play them again for another double-header. These games are only pick-up games, because they are a AA school, while we are a Class A school (little smaller in size).

She has always been a long ball hitter, and finally she is facing some pitchers that actually pitch well, unfortunate for them they are not placing it where they should and she is ready for them.

Let's hope they don't walk her tomorrow. She hates walking! GO LADY PIRATES!!

Happy Birthday Isabella!!

My best friend since 4th grade finally had a baby, and unfortunately Isabella was born 3 months premature. Tomorrow is her 1st Birthday, and what a milestone it is going to be! She was born weighing only 3 lbs. 3 oz., but had little trouble with her lungs. She is truly a miracle baby.

My friend is one of the best mothers I have ever seen and it's so fun to finally share all the talks we have about our kids. Here is the Birthday card I sent to Bella, and a picture of her. What a sweetie!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mydaughter hit a HOME RUN!!

It finally happened, she has been driving them far from the beginning of the season, but we also have been facing some pitchers that have trouble finding the strike zone. (she has the most walks on the season at 12) Not today, she hit a home run in dead center! It was so Beautiful! We went to a Jamboree in Plains, and played them and Florence. Her second at bat, she hit it! She was the first to hit one at practice this year, and then she just settled into the season, and has been hitting good, but we all knew she was due to put one over the fence.

She went 7 for 8 today with 4 singles, 1 walk, 1 triple, and her HOME RUN!

I was glad she didn't let it get to her head, so she would go up there each time and wanting to do the same thing, she batted smart and got base hits, stoled home and played defense really well.

We beat Plains, 12-0, and Florence 4-1.

Not a bad day at the fields at all!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Memorial to a great teacher........

Yesterday was a pretty sad day, I attended a memorial service for one of my favorite teachers who passed away in March. He worked at the local college where I first started my higher education. He was my english and speech teacher for the first 2 quarters, and one of the most fun people to be around. He must have thought a lot of me too, because he asked me to be a tutor for one of his classes, and help a student that was struggling. I really felt honored that he choose me out of all the other students. The door to his office and his favorite bench outside, when he chewed on his pipe and the days happenings were always open for a good conversation. I took a lot of what he taught me to my other school, and I passed on a way to write that he taught me to my own kids when they are struggling with how to put a topic on paper.

I learned so much more about him yesterday, and found out that he touched more than my life, he touched all that knew him. There were so many people who spoke about how much he ment to them. You know life goes on, and I lost touch with him, but about a week before his death, I happened to run into him at a local business, and as usual he engaged me in conversation, and wanted to know how I was doing. I only wish now I could have sat down on his favorite bench and chewed the days happenings.

I wasn't going to speak yesterday at his memorial but I felt compelled to let his family know what a great teacher he was, and I got pretty choked up while speaking. I got most of the things out that I wanted to say, but then last night I couldn't help but think he was up in heaven and saying, "Marie , you didn't prepare". He was always joking, and he would have said that with a smile. I thought about what else I wanted to say but couldn't get out, so I am going to say it now:

"There are 2 teachers in my life that stand out in my memory:

1. Keith Langford, my 5th grade teacher at Terra Linda Elementary, who gave me love of reading.

2. Allen Hibbard, my college english teacher and mentor, who gave me the love of writing.

Without these two great teachers coming into my life, I would not be the person I am today."

This card I made awhile ago is dedicated to Allen, he was a inventor and made handcarved fly fishing poles. He loved fly fishing., which is another thing we sat a talked about, because that is the only way I fish, and he loved that fact. Thanks to my Dad for teaching me how to fly fish. Thanks Allen for making a difference in my life.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Blog Tag....

I've been tagged again, but his time I have to list my 5 favorite blogs. Thanks Chelsey for tagging me! Heres my list:

1. Twisted Chick : When I grow up I want to be a Cardmaker like her. This Chick rocks!!
2. Smileycollector: Pam has an amazing eye for details, and I love to see her new creations.
Plus who could resist a lady that collects Smiley faces, if you have never seen her collection, blog or website, check it out. Sure brings a smile to my face. (pun intended)
3. Kyla Maestas: She is a Shack Sistah, and just became one of the 20 finalists for the Paper Crafts Magazine Idol Gallery Contest. Her cards are also fantastic.
4. Shuggy: Not only does Angie make some great cards, and post them on her blog. She also cracks me up, the ramblings on her blog are some of the funniest I read. Again a another Shack sistah! And a downright nice person.
5. Amy Rysavy: Such a fun site to look at and inspire you!

I don't know who else to tag that hasn't already been tagged, so if you are reading this and haven't been IT yet , you are now!!