Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mydaughter hit a HOME RUN!!

It finally happened, she has been driving them far from the beginning of the season, but we also have been facing some pitchers that have trouble finding the strike zone. (she has the most walks on the season at 12) Not today, she hit a home run in dead center! It was so Beautiful! We went to a Jamboree in Plains, and played them and Florence. Her second at bat, she hit it! She was the first to hit one at practice this year, and then she just settled into the season, and has been hitting good, but we all knew she was due to put one over the fence.

She went 7 for 8 today with 4 singles, 1 walk, 1 triple, and her HOME RUN!

I was glad she didn't let it get to her head, so she would go up there each time and wanting to do the same thing, she batted smart and got base hits, stoled home and played defense really well.

We beat Plains, 12-0, and Florence 4-1.

Not a bad day at the fields at all!

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