Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still am a Cowboys Fan........

Yes I said it, I am a Cowboy fan!

I have been since a little girl. We live in Montana but I am a Cowboy fan to the hilt!
My DH and 2 of my kiddos are Cowboy fans too! My middle DS is a Broncos fan, I know the rebel, but we still allow him to live with us.

So they didn't get through todays game, I am still a fan, and will be for a long time.
We have a lot of options open for next year, and I'll be here to see them through the good and bad. I will still watch the super bowl, but only for the commercials!
Then it's on to NASCAR............ Go Jr!!
I seriously live in ESPN land!


Katie Skiff said...

That is funny. I am a Cowboy fan as well. DH is die hard Raiders, hated the Cowboys and the Broncos. DS came home stating his Bronco love as well. Poor DH! LOL...

Karrie Baker said...

Me too!!!! Go COWBOYS!!! :)