Monday, February 25, 2008

To brighten your day!

I thought I might share a fun, bright, and wonderful card with you this morning. It's that kind of card that makes me wish for spring, like right now dang-nabbit! It snowed here last night, and I know we need the moisture, but frankly I am sick of the cold. I have a million things to do today, and it all starts with a trip to court. Nope not me, I didn't do anything, I have been selected to just maybe fill a prospective seat as a juror! I am listed in four different jury pools right now, (city court, justice court, district court, and U.S. District court) and that usually happens to me every 2 years or so. This must be my year! Don't get me wrong, I don't usually mind to serve, but today is not the day I really wanted to miss in class.

So to brighten my day, and put on a happy face, there is nothing better to cheer me up than a Bella! Hope your week is great, and you have a wonderful monday to begin it all.

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toners said...

Love the Bella images! I hope you had a good day in court :)