Saturday, April 26, 2008

A great weekend

Well we went into todays game like a well-oiled machine. Beat Hamilton 5-2, and Anaconda 13-0. Not a bad day, 2 more wins, and a sunburn. Gotta love it!
We have a great week ahead of us too, Libby on tuesday, and Frenchtown on Friday.
They both are good teams, but we are better. And Heck Yeah I am Biased!

Have a great week.

Friday, April 25, 2008

What did I tell you................

Did I not say that we would play Corvallis again, and give them their first loss of the season.
Well that's what happened this morning, and what a wonderful way to start off our softball weekend in Frenchtown. Tomorrow morning we play Hamilton, and then we play Anaconda in the afternoon, and finally there is going to be a nice day, weather wise..... it's about time!

Update on the exams, "A's" on both, thank you very much. But I worked my butt of for those little grades. Found out I am going to start tutoring for the 2 classes, and I even get paid to help out. I wish I would have worked this hard in high school, I didn't get bad grades, but I could have done better than I did. O-well, hindsight being what it is..........

I just have to say it again, Polson Pirates 4 and Corvallis 2. Oh Yeah Baby!!!
That makes our record 11-1, and did I mention we actually have the toughest schedule in the state. More softball news to come tomorrow.......... stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More softball news.........

So we played the Whitefish Bulldogs on the 19th, and beat them 4-2. That was the most miserble day to play in, those poor girls had to play in a blizzard, so our game against Libby was rescheduled for the 29th. And wouldn't you know it I have a orientation that day. If I only miss one game this season, it is one game toooooo much.
School is still making me bonkers, and I find out tomorrow how I did on my first 2 exams.
Please help me and say a little prayer for a good grade, or two.
We have a fun filled softball weekend coming up, playing against Corvallis (our only loss this season) again, and we are going to cream them this time. Then we play Hamilton again, and finally we play Anaconda. I am so excited, maybe we might have a day where "Mother Nature" is having a great day, and the softball gods are on our side.
I did nothing but study all weekend long, so today I took a day off, and did pretty much "not a darn thing". I haven't touched a stamp in a couple of days, I did get to a 10's club on the 16th, and that was fun. Today I actually did one of my other passions, I sewed. I am making myself some new nursing scrubs, for my new job. And I did a little shopping, another passion, and even though I tried and tried to stay out of the shoe store, I didn't, besides I needed a new pair of workshoes.

Okay so thanks for visiting, and I will catch you up after this weekends games.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh how I love beating our rivals............

Okay so the game was not the blow-out that we expected, but we did have a no-hitter against them. (good job D-Ray)
The score, 3-0. And that's all it takes to make them be quiet about "coming to our town, and beating us".
Can I tell you about the sweet little bunt my daughter laid down, and beat out the throw to first.
I am very bias when it comes to my daughter (all my kids for that fact), but I do have to admit she is a great bunter. I had to laugh when the rival coach (actually a friend) was waving at his whole group of kids to go back, way back. We had a super fast base runner on 1st, and then my daughter steps up to the plate, acts like she is going to hit away, and takes the first strike (she always does), then without showing bunt, lays down the sweetest little bunt, that just crept slowly up the third base side, right along the line without touching it. She beats the throw to 1st, oh ya, and the runner trots to 3rd. Now mind you, this was only a small portion of the entire game, but it was the sweetest little thing.

We have a double header this saturday against Whitefish and Libby. So I will update you after
that, have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's play Catch.............Up!

I have been a busy little mother, crazy with school, and super busy with the kiddos.
Our softball team has been very busy with games, and when I am not doing that I have my nose stuck in a book. Microbiology really sucks!! (talk about a snore fest)

So here is the latest with the softball team.
We played C. Falls Wildkats on the 10th, and won, my daughter lead the offense going 4 for 5 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI's. The on staurday we traveled to Hamilton Broncs, won again 14-2, and then unfortunately we lost to Corvallis 4-3. That was our girls first real test, and we had them until the 6th inning, but unfortunately our pitcher wasn't getting any of the call at the plate. Oh well, we will face them again on the 26th, and most likely again at state, and we will send them packing.

Today we play our rival, the Ronan Maidens, and this should be a real slug fest, but only on our side. (insert wicked laugh here) I love rival games, they are so tense!!

I have a stamp party tomorrow night, and still haven't made my exchange cards. I truly am stuck in a rut when it comes to my creative side. I might have to change my blog name, until the drought is over.

Okay, thanks for visiting, have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Softball Weekend

I know, I know, this is blog needs to be changed to "Softball Dryve" in the spring and summer months, cause I don't share many cards or crafty things during the season.

I had a long GREAT weekend spent watching 4 games of softball. We left friday morning for the 300 drive along the Montana Highline, to see our Lady Pirates play the Havre BluePonies. My daughter went 4 for 4 in the first game, and then 2 for 4 in the second game. We won both games, and it was a great time. Then we drove back along the highline and stayed in Shelby, Montana. The next morning we drove in to Browning and played the Lady Indians, those two games we also won, and my daughter had a 2 run-home run.
This week is filled with softball too, we play Columbia Falls on thursday, and then travel to Hamilton and Corvallis on Saturday. These teams are going to give our girls some serious games, and I hope our girls are ready for the challenge. We have some strong players, big hitters, and awesome defense, so we should be just fine.

Todays my day off of school, and I am going to clean the house this morning, and then crack open my books. I have only 2 classes this quarter, but they are kicking my butt!! (and the quarter just started)

Well again thanks for letting me indulge into my other passion with you. Have a great week!