Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More softball news.........

So we played the Whitefish Bulldogs on the 19th, and beat them 4-2. That was the most miserble day to play in, those poor girls had to play in a blizzard, so our game against Libby was rescheduled for the 29th. And wouldn't you know it I have a orientation that day. If I only miss one game this season, it is one game toooooo much.
School is still making me bonkers, and I find out tomorrow how I did on my first 2 exams.
Please help me and say a little prayer for a good grade, or two.
We have a fun filled softball weekend coming up, playing against Corvallis (our only loss this season) again, and we are going to cream them this time. Then we play Hamilton again, and finally we play Anaconda. I am so excited, maybe we might have a day where "Mother Nature" is having a great day, and the softball gods are on our side.
I did nothing but study all weekend long, so today I took a day off, and did pretty much "not a darn thing". I haven't touched a stamp in a couple of days, I did get to a 10's club on the 16th, and that was fun. Today I actually did one of my other passions, I sewed. I am making myself some new nursing scrubs, for my new job. And I did a little shopping, another passion, and even though I tried and tried to stay out of the shoe store, I didn't, besides I needed a new pair of workshoes.

Okay so thanks for visiting, and I will catch you up after this weekends games.

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