Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh how I love beating our rivals............

Okay so the game was not the blow-out that we expected, but we did have a no-hitter against them. (good job D-Ray)
The score, 3-0. And that's all it takes to make them be quiet about "coming to our town, and beating us".
Can I tell you about the sweet little bunt my daughter laid down, and beat out the throw to first.
I am very bias when it comes to my daughter (all my kids for that fact), but I do have to admit she is a great bunter. I had to laugh when the rival coach (actually a friend) was waving at his whole group of kids to go back, way back. We had a super fast base runner on 1st, and then my daughter steps up to the plate, acts like she is going to hit away, and takes the first strike (she always does), then without showing bunt, lays down the sweetest little bunt, that just crept slowly up the third base side, right along the line without touching it. She beats the throw to 1st, oh ya, and the runner trots to 3rd. Now mind you, this was only a small portion of the entire game, but it was the sweetest little thing.

We have a double header this saturday against Whitefish and Libby. So I will update you after
that, have a wonderful weekend!

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