Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Softball Weekend

I know, I know, this is blog needs to be changed to "Softball Dryve" in the spring and summer months, cause I don't share many cards or crafty things during the season.

I had a long GREAT weekend spent watching 4 games of softball. We left friday morning for the 300 drive along the Montana Highline, to see our Lady Pirates play the Havre BluePonies. My daughter went 4 for 4 in the first game, and then 2 for 4 in the second game. We won both games, and it was a great time. Then we drove back along the highline and stayed in Shelby, Montana. The next morning we drove in to Browning and played the Lady Indians, those two games we also won, and my daughter had a 2 run-home run.
This week is filled with softball too, we play Columbia Falls on thursday, and then travel to Hamilton and Corvallis on Saturday. These teams are going to give our girls some serious games, and I hope our girls are ready for the challenge. We have some strong players, big hitters, and awesome defense, so we should be just fine.

Todays my day off of school, and I am going to clean the house this morning, and then crack open my books. I have only 2 classes this quarter, but they are kicking my butt!! (and the quarter just started)

Well again thanks for letting me indulge into my other passion with you. Have a great week!

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