Friday, April 25, 2008

What did I tell you................

Did I not say that we would play Corvallis again, and give them their first loss of the season.
Well that's what happened this morning, and what a wonderful way to start off our softball weekend in Frenchtown. Tomorrow morning we play Hamilton, and then we play Anaconda in the afternoon, and finally there is going to be a nice day, weather wise..... it's about time!

Update on the exams, "A's" on both, thank you very much. But I worked my butt of for those little grades. Found out I am going to start tutoring for the 2 classes, and I even get paid to help out. I wish I would have worked this hard in high school, I didn't get bad grades, but I could have done better than I did. O-well, hindsight being what it is..........

I just have to say it again, Polson Pirates 4 and Corvallis 2. Oh Yeah Baby!!!
That makes our record 11-1, and did I mention we actually have the toughest schedule in the state. More softball news to come tomorrow.......... stay tuned.

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