Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not our year

Well the girls played their hearts out and come up short this year.
We lost to Corvallis, and then lost to Frenchtown in loser out.

Libby ended up winning the whole shooting match.
Even though it wasn't us, the title is still in the western conference, and I was glad
to see the Libby seniors Brooke, Lacie, and Shelby get their win this year.

Now it's time for the summer season


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Game One down and Dirty

We played our first game at the state tourney against Butte Central, and we won 6-4.
At 1pm tomorrow we play Corvallis.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Divisional Champs

Well there you have it!
We won our division about 30 minutes ago.
We were neck and neck with Libby.
We had to beat them by two points today, and we did.
Next week is state, and lets hope our team comes out on top again, just like last year.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Cancelation with Libby

I am willing to bet money that mother nature is not a softball fan this year, maybe she has moved on to enjoying other things.
Our game that was scheduled for today, and was a make-up, of a make-up, of a make-up game, was again cancelled due to rain.
The weather man is certain that we are getting almost 80 degree weather this weekend, and so we are scheduled again for saturday with them, we travel to their field on friday.
They are in our conference, and we are both tied for first right now, so these next to games decide the conference champ.
Go Lady Pirates!!! Stump the Loggers!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Win Some, Lose Some

The Butte Tourney was not as great as we hoped, but we did have some shining moments.
The girls played their little hearts out, and we ended up winning two games and losing two games.
Friday morning we played Laurel, and lost in the 8th inning by one run. We ended up going into the International tie-breaker in this one, but could only make up one run, after giving up two.
Our next game we played, Glendive, and we won that one 17-8. My daughter went 2-3 with a triple, a single, and a sac-bunt.
Saturday morning we played Frenchtown, and lost by one run again. I won't even go into the emotion and stupidity that went into this game.
Then we played the hosting team, Butte Central, we won 6-4 and my daughter hit another Home Run!!

We play Libby tomorrow night, and then travel to Libby for our last game.
Next week we travel back to Butte for State Softball, and hope for a repeat title.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Game Update

Well tonight we played C.Falls, and won 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th innning. I would update you about the Libby game, but again it was canceled due to another rain-out (that is the 3rd time this season)

We leave for the Butte Tourney tomorrow, and we have to face some great teams. Looking forward to the challenge for the girls.

Thanks to Jesse Kittle for the great photos.

Everyone have a great weekend, I will too!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Some more softball updates

Okay so this is the last couple of days......
We didn't get to play Libby on Tuesday, cause there was a rain-out. We always have crappy weather when they come to our fields. So we still have to make up that game, they are in our conference.
Yesterday we played Frenchtown, and they are definately a true "rival", in case you missed all the hoopla from last years state championship, we sent them home, and won state last year. Working our way up through the losers bracket, it was one of the most amazing games I have ever witnessed.
It was nice to beat them, 9-7. But they stayed up with us pretty well. I love games that are not blow-out, but where we come out on top, of course.
Today we played Whitefish, and again we won 17-1. The last time we played them, we weren't on our A-Game, but we still game out the victor.

The next week is filled with games. Weds- Libby(??) Thurs- C. Falls, and then we head to Butte for an invite tourney playing Laurel, Dawson, Frenchtown, and Bute Central.