Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Win Some, Lose Some

The Butte Tourney was not as great as we hoped, but we did have some shining moments.
The girls played their little hearts out, and we ended up winning two games and losing two games.
Friday morning we played Laurel, and lost in the 8th inning by one run. We ended up going into the International tie-breaker in this one, but could only make up one run, after giving up two.
Our next game we played, Glendive, and we won that one 17-8. My daughter went 2-3 with a triple, a single, and a sac-bunt.
Saturday morning we played Frenchtown, and lost by one run again. I won't even go into the emotion and stupidity that went into this game.
Then we played the hosting team, Butte Central, we won 6-4 and my daughter hit another Home Run!!

We play Libby tomorrow night, and then travel to Libby for our last game.
Next week we travel back to Butte for State Softball, and hope for a repeat title.

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