Monday, November 3, 2008

Please Vote!

There are many ways to serve your country, join the military, community service, run for office , or get out and vote for every election. Big or small.
Voting is our ultimate right, and I am proud to say I have voted since I was 18. And this last year I became an election judge. I will not talk politics, because not every one agrees on the candidates or the issues. My only wish is that you simply just get out and vote. And remember the little saying,
"if you don't vote, don't bitch if you don't like the outcome" JMO

I don't know the different laws concerning other states, but here in Montana you can still registar to vote all day on election day. Make sure you go to your local election office, usually located in the county courthouse. Take a picture ID, and a bill that shows your address, and the county you live in. Come on people, there is no reason not to vote, stand in the long lines, have your say, voice your opinion by checking the little boxes, collect your sticker, and feel the pride!

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