Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wonderful Colors of Fall.....

The colors here in Western Montana are simply amazing. My yard is filled with leaves, and the drive around the lake is stunning. Sometimes I forget how beautiful Fall is because it leads to the dreaded winter season.
I made this ATC for a swap. The wheel barrow is from Stampin' Up.
The leaves were actually larger, and I had to make them smaller, lets just say there was a lot of cutting involved.
But they turned out so cute. JMO
School is going along just fine. We are still doing a lot of things that are very repetative for me.
Yesterday we did check-offs on physical assessments, and that went very well for me. After all I have done many of those assessments in the field. This coming week is mid-term, so my next few days will be filled with studying. I am doing amazingly well, and my confidence level is at an all time high. I wish I would have used this brain of mine in high school, oh well hindsight is... blah, blah, blah!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and take in the beauty of the changing colors.

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