Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cowboys and Penguins, two of my favorite things

I really wanted to spend the day locked in my room reading my 300 pages of required reading material for nursing school that starts up again on Tuesday after winter break. Unfortunately my stamp room is also located in the same room (my bedroom, and believe me it all fits) , and my stamps, inks and paper were calling out to me. I really had to have these stamps from The Cat's Pajamas, the minute I saw them. They are truly me in everyway possible. I paired the cute cowboy penguins with Stampin' Up set "Wanted". This card combines two of my favorite things on earth, Cowboys and penguins!

I have gone through about 200 of those required pages, and have some worksheets, a CEU, and some flash cards to do. All that, and I am off to my sisters house for dinner, which works out great. She cooks and cleans, and I read and work on school stuff. Okay now my itch is fixed, and I can return to my studies. Have a great day!

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