Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hedgehog Friendship

After the snow we recieived yesterday I needed something to brighten up my mood. I also needed to make some cards for a swap, called the "Flood Swap". With this swap we flood the mailboxes of other people in the swap, it's a pretty easy swap to do.
For this card I used Stampin' Up sets, Hedgehog Happiness and Blossom Friend (or at least I think that's the name) Personally the scan doesn't do the color of the card justice. O-well I had fun making this card, and it's helping me make my goal of posting everyday this year. I went through my Stampin' Up sets yesterday, and as many of you might know I am kind of a fanatic about SU. A couple of years ago I started making cards by using all my sets, just makes it so I can never say I have never inked that set before. (okay I have a couple like that) We will see how the challenge goes, with school and all. I am going to try my best, and by doing the challenge I just might make my goal of posting everyday. Thanks for visiting!

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