Thursday, January 22, 2009


I thought it was about time I made another post. So much for my trying to post everyday, thats what happens when you are in nursing school. Everything else kind of falls by the way-side. I have a busy schedule ahead, with lots of papers to write, and tons of reading to do. I only had a three day week, and I feel overwhelmed again. I am planning on spending all weekend in my room, studying and working on papers. I only get to take time for a little break by attending my nieces baby shower on Saturday. That will be a much needed break.
Now on to the card, don't know what I was really trying with this one. It is way out of my style, but I love it's quirkiness. It was a card I submitted for a contest for Papercrafts Magazine, but ended up not being choosen. Oh well, such is life. Never deters me away from submitting again, of course that depends on my schedule at school now. I really like the papers, but again the maker slipped my mind. Thats what happend when you are in school, my mind is full of goobly-gook that only I can make heads or tails out of now. In fact, I bet my mind looks like this paper, how fitting!! A mass of color explosiveness! Well here is to a great weekend for all of you, and please stop by again. I will have something for you in the first part of the week. Promise.....

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