Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Little Wrestler

I don't have a card to share with you today, instead I thought I would talk about my oldest son (15 yo) Dakotah.
Many of you know I am a fan of fast-pitch softball, what you don't know is that I am just a die hard fan of my kids and any sport they compete in.
My year is filled with football (my youngest son), golf (also Dakotah), and softball (my daughter Charlee).
In between that I try to fit in house cleaning, studying, reading, making cards, scrapbooking all their activities,
and whatever else will fit. This picture was taken the other night during a dual against Columbia Falls. My little scrapper is the one on your left, in the Purple and Gold. He wrestles at the 98 pound weight class, but barely weighs in at that weight. Like I said he's my "Little Wrestler". He is doing much better this year, made Varsity again, and seeing as it is only his second year, he has made great strides. Today he is in Missoula at a invite, and he already had two wins. I couldn't make the matches today, due to activites with my youngest son, but I thought by sharing this photo it might bring my "mighty mouse" some good luck. If your reading this send some good vibes his way today. Oh and before I forget, he won this match by pinning his opponent.

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