Thursday, January 1, 2009

Polar Bear Plunge into Flathead Lake

Every New Years Day at Riverside Park my fellow Polsonites break the ice surrounding the lake access at the park and run into the cold frigid water of Flathead Lake. Todays wonderful tempature of the water was a balmy 36 degrees, outside was 30 degrees. I personally would not ever do this, but its fun to see who comes out for the plunge and how many people young and old partake in this yearly ritual.

This picture shows about 100+ people waiting to run into the water, and then quickly run out. The girl facing the camera with her hands out is Heather, one of my oldest son golf partners for the high school. Her dad, Brian is standing next to her, he builds houses with my husband.

There they go. I am standing on the dock, bundled up in hat, gloves, and coat taking pictures, laughing in amazement at the spectical. The people were truly acting like they didn't mind the cold weather, and me, I was freakin' out about all the kids out there with hardly any clothes on.
Might be the mom in me, or the EMT, or the future nurse, take your pick!

Most the time, their families are waiting with the car running and heaters a blaring!! The community always takes the greatest precautions, there are volunteer firefighters in the water in their water rescue suits, and an ambulance on stand-by. But by the grace of God, they have never been needed.
It took a total of about one minute for the plunge from start to finish. And in the end the participants get a free T-shirt donated by a local family. This year was actually a warmer year than others, and that is hard to come by in Montana in January.
Well I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. One of my goals this year is to update my blog on a daily basis, either by sharing photos of the happenings of the day, or something kreative, or maybe a simple sentiment. Hope you all have a wonderful 2009, and may all your goals be achieved by 2010. I know in June 2010 my goal of becomeing a nurse will be a reality.
Happy New Year!!


Cindi said...

polar dips are so fun to watch..and carzy to do!!! lol, I'd have been bundles up with you!
great pics

Renu said...

Those are great pics. Never could figure out the charm of taking a dip in freezing water! Happy New Year and I hope you meet all your goals.

Michelle Clark said...

Polar dips are great fun to watch. We have them here but I don't participate. Fun pictures. Happy New Year.....