Monday, January 5, 2009

Send some warm beverages right away!

That might have to be only Hot Cocoa, since I gave up the other kind of drinks about 19 years ago. And personally I don't miss them at all. Today was final registration for winter quarter, it was fast and easy. Now if only I had all my books, my most needed book is in UPS-land. Thankfully none of us have our books for that class, so tomorrows class might go by pretty fast. I have a pretty light schedule, and am so excited to take it easier for awhile. I really worked my butt of last quarter, and granted it was worth, believe me it was worth it. But I am a definately a Type A personality, and tend to do too much at once, and never take time for myself. I needed to take a smaller class load, and by working so hard in the beginning, I have a smaller load on my shoulders right now. Whew!!!
I am taking strides towards my goals for the year but am definately not over doing it!
Okay enough about school, now on to my ATC. This just fit my mood right now, and it was from a swap about a month or so back. I haven't swapped much lately. ATC swaps are much easier, with less cost, but I have kind of fallen off swapping for the time being. The images and sentiment is from Stampin' Up "Espress Yourself", oldie but a goodie! Hope you enjoy, have a great week!

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