Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wish I was basking in the sunshine

On days like this I wish I lived closer to the ocean. It's not too cold in Montana today, about 30 degrees. I spent most of the day at the gym, (I work on sundays) and I got a pretty good work-out, plus lots of studying done. But I am sick of the gloomy weather (we have a fog inversion going right now), and it didn't help that I spent the rest of the day watching my daughter pitch a softball in the high school gym. That really makes me hungry for some sunshine, and good weather. I am so excited for her softball season this year. She is among 7 seniors on our high school team, and this is our year to shine. I am a little nervous about her pitching, so much pressure. (yikers)
Not much else going on here today, just watching football now, and then going to read some more pathophysiology. I am hoping the Ravens beat the steelers, and I am glad about Arizona. Well thanks for stopping by again. Have a wonderful weekend, and a great Martin Luther King Day.

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