Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brain Fog

This week is full of mid-terms, ouor Chronic Care has been moved to next tuesday. But today I took my Pathophysiology, and tomorrow is my Pharmacology mid-term. I am in a total brain fog, hence the name of my post. I actually feel pretty good about my test today, I think, maybe, no I feel good. Everyone was walking around freakin' out, and second guessing their answers. I did too!
The picture I took a little while ago, it's from my tree outside. We have been fogged in for the last week. We sit in a little valley at the lake, and it just sits and makes everything look all frosty. I think it's pretty, unless it hits the road and makes everything all slick. I am hoping it goes away, it's kind of clear right now, but we will see how it is in the morning. I am gonna go and spend the night finishing up on my Pharmocology homework, and study for the mid-term tomorrow. I really want to sit at my stamp table, and make cards, but I need to check my Kreative side at the door until the weekend. I hope you are having a great week!

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