Saturday, February 7, 2009

My New Great Nephew

Here is my new great nephew, Kai.
Isn't he adorable. He was born on January 28th, but it took me awhile to get a picture of him.
I am so happy for my neice and her fiance' Ryan.
I remember those days when I was younger and had to deal with little ones. Now that my kids are all teenagers, its a little different atmosphere in the house. I enjoy the atmosphere don't get me wrong, and it amazes me that I have two of them driving.
Okay, so school has been going well. This last week I took two mid-terms, and I am still waiting on the results. There has been plenty of rumors going around about the class doing not very well, and I am unsure about my actual results. I always feel this way after taking an exam, I hate this feeling. Then I found out about some of the other students finding joy in my maybe missing a question or two. I don't care about most things like that, but this was just so spiteful. I thought I left that kind of two-faced back stabbing gossip back in high school. But it seems no matter where you go, there is always someone in the back ground hoping you fail. Okay enough of that crapolla, I needed to share it with someone. It was eating at me.....
I have one more mid-term to tackle, and this is actually the hardest one of the three. No good way to study for this one. How do you apply nursing concepts to senerios, yikes, I know sounds crazy!! Well this week has been good for me in some ways, my clinicals on friday went very well, got to do some advanced skills, and my training from my paramedic training came in so handy.
I also started at the gym again, I haven't done a lot of training since my gallbladder surgery, but needed to get back to the routine, I have been thinking about doing one of the summer 5K runs, so we will see how that makes out. Okay, I am off to the stamp room, and hopefully with that and hitting the gym my stress over this week will go bye-bye!! Have a great weekend.

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