Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blooming Love

Wow, I have been absent for quite sometime, haven't I? Not really been wanting to absolutely ignore my blog, but when youe get sick, and its a week before finals, then something just have to fall by the way side! This time it was my blog, okay usually it's my blog!!

Finally have feeling better, nothing worse than a sinus cold, yuck!! Does not lend itself to a good nights sleep.

Did get a chance to stamp recently, andmade some great cards, so I will be adding those to the blog in the next couple of days.
Waiting for my final grades, and hoping I get to move on in school. I know I passed my medicine calculation class, and chronic care class, but am still unsure about pathophysiology and pharmacology, those final tests were very hard. But truthfully, I wouldn't want them any other way! If they were too easy would I really be testing myself to learn the material?? I did get superior grades on my case study paper, and my care plan (OMG that was extensive), but well worth the effort. I tend to over do stuff sometimes, definately the type A personality in me!! But if I don't push myself to excell, who will?

Now I have two weeks to take care of spring cleaning, and softball season to start, and doing school related work for spring quarter. Wish me luck on my final grades, say a prayer or two!

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