Friday, March 20, 2009

BoHo Thanks

I seen this layout at my 10's club. It is so adorable. I needed something short and sweet to make for my instructors, after this quarter is finished. As much as this year as been hectic for us student, I can only imagine all the stress they deal with on a daily basis, after all they are forming future nurses. We tend to be whiners, me included in that very untasteful behavior, but then again I am only human. I have resigned my self to the fact I am going to stay away from the negative this quarter. School is stressful enough, don't need to add to the culture of negativity. I am after all an adult and know what I need to do to get trough this on my own terms.
Ok, now that I am off my soap box. I am having a really great day, here in Montana. The sun is shining bright and my house is getting cleaner and cleaner. I am waiting for the ground to that out and dry a little more before I clean my carpets, my last chore. My driveway is a muddy mess, and it just gets tracked in with the three kids, the hubby and the dog. Yuck!
I hope you all have a great weekend. My plans include catching up on my med calculations book, need to be comfortable when I go back and take my math exam, DO NOT want to take the extra class this quarter. I might even make some more cards to show off!

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