Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Love

So I didn't stamp this card, I used Stampin' Ups rub-ons. This collection is from last tyears sell-a-bration set. I have so many still unopened packages of these designs. I wanted to be kind of different with this card, and do a tone-on-tone kind of thing! The funny things about me making cards, is I don't really send alot out. When I make cards I always make more than one of each design, just for this purpose but many don't get sent out. They are like my mini masterpieces, and I collect them. I have been stamping since 1994, and I have kept every card, tag, ATC, bag, bookmark, etc... that I have ever been given or made mtself. I am an organizing freak, and everything has it's place. So for my cards I used the rubbermaid shoe boxes for the regular A2 cards. They are organized by their sentiment, Happy Birthday, Thanks, you get the jist.....
So since I am out of school for the next 12 days, I have been doing a little spring cleaning. My house is pretty quaint, but still I have only been doing one room at a time. My house is always clean, but there is nothing better than doing a spring cleaning refresher.... Doing one room a day has really helped me not burn myself out. Since I am in school, I have really turned over a lot of the duties to my kiddos, and the hubby (thank god for them all) But you know they never do put things away like I do, and so I am finding things way out their place. Just a little pet peeve. I couldn't do anything without my family backing me up. I finally found out my grades for winter quarter, and once again I am blessed to be moving on in the program. I am not going to lie, I was absolutely lazy last quarter when it came to school. My grades really don't reflect how poorly I paid attention to reading and doing homework. I really lucked out, I must have retained more information from my Paramedic training than I previously thought. Some in the class aren't returning, and it makes me sad. It is so hard to be happy for myself, when I am so sad about them not moving on too!

Okay enough of the weepy stuff! Let me just say I am so thankful for every blessing in my life, and I have many. I am so excited for softball season. My daughter has a killer curveball, and change-up. The other teams have been playing against her for years, and none of them have any idea that she pitched, so just let me say the coaches and players are going to flaber-gasted! She has a killer throw over-hand, and her pitching is smokin' hot! Can you feel my excitement.........I am so ready for the games to begin! Thanks for stopping by tday, have a wonderful weekend!

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Loobylou said...

Sounds like you've got the spring cleaning bug! Luckily it's not spring here in Australia until September so i can stamp a bit more!! Thanks for sharing your story today. I hope your daughter hs a great softball season.