Monday, June 29, 2009

Love this color....

Another long time since I have posted. I am out of school for the summer, and have one year left to get my ASN degree for nursing. I plan on going back and getting my BSN and then my MSN, but lets just do one year at a time. I am so happy to finally have some time to myself, but I must confess I am rather bored with not having to study and write papers, and do clinicals. I need to find a job for the summer, well one that peaks my interest at least. I am working until July 8th at the gym where I work-out, but that is only to cover shifts for the personal trainer. It is not something I want to do full-time.
I really just want to hang out with my kiddos and lay-out by the lake, but must work if I want to send my daughter to college.
Okay now back to my card, and the reason I named this post. I am so in love with Stampin' Up Pacific Point, it's one of my favorite colors, and just like the dork I am of course I didn't order more than one pack of the cardstock. Which means I am in saving mode, just so I never run out......
Never have used this set (Always) before, and it's kind of lovely. Needed a quick card for a friend.
I am trying to finish up thank you cards for the senior class, and others for Charlee. Might work on that tomorrow. Thanks for visiting for now.

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