Sunday, August 9, 2009

Goodie Bag

Well it's only been a couple days since I last posted, I might be on a roll! (don't hold your breath)
Right now, I am at the gym (working), and I get pretty bored so I thought I might share another creation I made at one of my monthly SU meetings. This goodie holder, is so simple and fun to make. It's made by folding a 8x8 double sided piece of patterned paper. Then you add the ribbon and any stamped image or sentiment. This would be easy to do for a birthday party or wedding favor. Hey, thats a great idea, my best friend Jana is getting married in October, and I am her Matron of Honor, this would be a great idea for her wedding favors in her choosen colors. Brilliant!
Okay so enough silliness, thanks for stopping by, leave a comment or two!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Senior Thank You's

Well finally I am back, seems like my blog is the always the last thing on my list. I finally got done with the senior thank you cards for the businesses that donated to the "alcohol free" party. The seniors get together the night of graduation at the bowling alley, and they play all sorts of games, eat pizza, sing karoke, guitar hero, and win cool prizes from the donating businesses. It's a way to keep them safe for the night. Since the school mascot is Pirates, I bought this Changito set to make the cards. I had to make like 75 of them, and luckily they came together really easy. I took the image to work with me at the gym, and colored them in between helping customers and working out. Now I need to make another 50 or so for my daughters thank you cards for graduation gifts. Although I am using another image from the set. I might just get some use out of this set, since I still have two boys going throught the same school.

Life is pretty easy right now, I am helping Shaun with construction projects the rest of the summer instead of finding a part-time job, just seemd to make more sense this year. College starts next month, and then my time will be spent finishing up my last year for my ASN. I am sending Charlee off to college at the end of this month, and I'm not looking forward to that at all. I guess I wanted her to grow up and be her own person, I just didn't think it would be so hard to let go. Luckily she is just 3 hours away, and she knows people down in Butte. She is just looking forward to playing softball again. We already went to a pre-orientation and registration, and she is starting to get excited and scared all at the same time. Her schedule is pretty easy the first semester, which is really good, between having to work part-time and being able to practice and do homework I didn't want her to be too overwhelmed.
She has yet to delcare a major, which is okay. I think she just needs to find her niche. OKay so thats enough babbling, I got to go and get some stuff done. Catch up with you later!