Monday, May 24, 2010

A little birthday card!

I should be doing homework, but there are just times when ya gotta play a little bit! And it's one of those times! I have 11 days left of nursing school, yep, 11 mind is fried, my head is spinning trying to think of all the things I gotta do before graduation, and I am stressed about finding a job. I wanna job, I need a job, I would love a job! Been filling out applications all week, and my fingers are hurting. What better therapy than to stamp. Nothing better in my book, and it's somewhat "non-addicting"!!

This card was actually made at my monthly 10's club meeting. It's a copy of one of the SU cards, but I love it!
Well thanks for visiting, and wish me luck on the job search. If you know of anything, leave a comment or two. Thanks!

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