Friday, April 6, 2012

Enjoy the Journey

I think every crafter, cardmaker, designer goes through a period of downtime or just plain not enough time in the day to actually do the things they enjoy the most. Since nursing school finished I have been in a funk and my creative mojo has suffered the most. I still get together with my 10's club once a month, but that is about the only time I get to spend being creative right now. Made this card here for one of the gatherings, and it felt good to have some creativity come back. I have been busy while not at work making decor for the new house, sewing fish pillows for my youngest son, and just generally doing some other crafty things, finally! Thought I might just share a little bit of that creativity. Hope you enjoy! (cloud idea cased from ) It is done by using multiple sized circle punches. I love being able to use my punches for more than one thing.

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